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Exmoor Photography Red Deer Rut Special Photography Course - Info Page
 The Original & Best Red Deer Rut Photography Course 'A Truly Wild Experience'
Photograph Exmoor's majestic Red Deer Stags with Exmoor Photography.
"The Red Deer Rut specials were fully booked during October (2017), proving to be another great success this year. We shared some wonderful moments with our customers, finding and
photographing the majestic wild Red Deer on stunning Exmoor for every customer. "
Jack 21 10 2017

During the Red Rut Specials Course, we always book two customers on each day. This is a comfortable number and has proven to be a sensible limit that allows us to properly stalk and photograph the deer with as little or no disturbance of them as is possible. A good stalk for us is leaving the deer where we found them and definitely not chasing or pushing them all over the moor! It is not ‘all about getting that photograph’ We will teach you some basic wildlife watching field craft during your day. I have a tried and tested system for spotting, tracking and stalking the Deer, which should enable Jamie to get you close enough to successfully photograph them.
  •     The price for this special is £159.00 pp (£269.00 Excl 1to1)
  •     Including lunch, refreshments & cakes
  •     Maximum two spaces available per course
  •     October only
  •     Location - Exmoor National Park
  •     Exmoor Photography has private location access when required / for customers (like Jack) with limited mobility during the courses
  •     Jack & Jamie have over 40 years experience stalking Wild Red Deer on Exmoor
  •     Duration - 9 Hours
The course is a full day, we will ‘meet & greet’ at 6.45 am at Exmoor Photography  and will return at approximately 4.00 pm. The meet & greet is at Exmoor Photography, Hillbrook, Marshfield Rd, Minehead, TA246AJ (and return).  'The Gateway to Exmoor National Park'
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We will take you to various locations during the Rut season to photograph the majestic wild Red Deer on Exmoor. The best way to stalk deer properly is by foot. Therefore, all customers attending this course should be aware that to get the most from it, you should be able to walk a minimum of 1 mile unaided per stalk, as the stalks can often be quite strenuous and over rough terrain. We do not chase/push the deer and the perfect stalk is to leave them where we find them or very close to it. It is also essential that course participants understand that the Red Deer are wild animals. The emphasis is always as little or no disturbance as is possible our absolute golden rule. We do not in any way interfere with their natural environment or habitat. This course is about enjoying and photographing these amazing animals during the rut season in the stunning surroundings of Exmoor National Park. It is not about chasing them all over the moor. A proper stalk using the advice and field craft we will teach you is great fun and can be very rewarding. Hopefully, this will result in you being able to take some memorable photographs.
We will make sure that you are properly prepared for your day and will provide you with all the information you need during your booking, from wearing the right clothing to what lens and camera is suitable.
We/Jamie will always endeavour to get you close enough to photograph them but this is not guaranteed. We often find that if you ‘stand back’ and let events unfold the Stags will very often Rut close enough to the vehicle/road without the need to approach them.
Exmoor Photography has private location access when required / for customers (like Jack) with limited mobility during the courses; these will only be used when weather permits and when necessary.
These courses are designed to educate, be fun, relaxed, and hopefully enjoyable!

The Rut season peaks during the month of October - The Red Deer courses run for the whole of October, however the rut usually reaches its peak by the end of the third week, so book yours early to witness and photograph the rut in full swing. We have always found Stags to photograph in the last week but any ‘bolving’ and the rut its self is usually over by the end of the month. We will show you various photography techniques as per the ‘what you learn’ list below, however during the Red Deer Courses there will be an emphasis on capturing wildlife and action photography with your camera.
PLEASE NOTE that this 'special' is aimed at the more competent photographer, with a working knowledge of the following camera settings, Apertures, ISO's, Focus Modes, Shutter Speeds & Bracketing/Exposure Compensation etc. If you are not familiar with these settings, Jack advises customers who are considering the 'Red Deer Rut Special' may wish to consider completing the 'standard course' first.

Red Deer Rut Special -  if the deer are a no show on the day of your course we will refund £50.00. Alternatively, we will offer you another day FOC (may not be same season), subject to a nominal charge towards our costs and your lunch (£40.00). If we have to cancel the course ourselves (other than weather forecast, see T&C’s) we will refund you the full amount with no handling fees or charges.
We also spend a lot of time locating the Deer before the course day to avoid disappointment. Obviously, there is no guarantee that we will find any on the day (they are wild after all) however, Jack and Jamie are very good at Deer ‘spotting’ and have over 40 years’ experience stalking, observing and photographing wild Red deer on Exmoor, so we should find something.
We have a tried and tested system for spotting, tracking and stalking the Deer, which should enable Jamie to get you close enough to successfully photograph them.

Jack has created a laminated course handout that you will be given at the 'meet & greet' at the beginning of your day. This is yours to keep and provide a useful reference for you to use, next time you take your camera out on your own!  All course participants will also receive Jack's guide to 'Exmoor Red Deer' handout. Lunch and hot/cold beverages are included. There is also aways a supply  wife Alisons legendary flapjack & homemade cakes!

Course numbers are limited to a maximum of two customers for the Red Deer Rut Special, so you will have all the one to one time you require, with either Jack and/or staff. It is also not possible to properly stalk deer with larger groups. We pride ourselves on providing first class customer service here at Exmoor Photography, something that is supported by our customer reviews.

Jack advises having a camera or lens that is at least the equivalent of a 400mm (500mm is best) lens minimum for Red Deer Photography (please do not include your cameras crop factor, if not full frame). So for example an SLR with a 400mm or a Compact or Bridge camera with at least a 20x optical zoom lens, which will give roughly 400mm (35mm equivalent). If your not sure please ask Jack for advice. We also have cameras that you can hire on your course day, starting at £29.00 (no deposit required), so you can try before you buy. We also have a selection of Nikon N series & Canon L series lenses that you can hire on your course day, starting at £35.00 (no deposit required).

‘One fact about the deer and its sense of scent versus taste is how the deer keeps its sense of smell so acute. A deer licks its nose at least several times a minute to keep it moist. A moist nose allows scents to “stick” to the nose, making the scents much more detectable. The deer uses the tongue that has poor taste receptors to keep the scent receptors powerful. Who knew Bambi was so complicated? Some scientists suggest that a Deer’s sense of smell is 1000x more sensitive that a humans!’ Please use this link for more interesting facts about Red Deer

You can also view Jacks Red Deer images on Exmoor Photography sister site - click on images above and opposite.
Sorry, but we do not take other professional photographers on this course.

  •     EXPOSURE
  •     BRACKETING (exposure compensation & auto exposure compensation AEB)
  •     PICTURE STYLE MANAGEMENT / SCENE MODES (when applicable)
  •     WILDLIFE (when applicable)
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Exmoor Photography does not take responsibility for any other footage you may find on this link.
This footage taken by Jack was from a hide on Exmoor showing Wild Exmoor Red Deer. ‘This is probably the most fantastic view of Rutting stags I have ever witnessed, the power and noise was incredible. The actual fight lasted about 20 mins, so after I took all the stills I wanted I took this short video to show Alison and the family. Both Stags were shattered when they finally finished (so was I) I could see the adrenaline pupping through the winner. The resident stag eventually saw off the challenger. And I am pleased to say that both were uninjured.' TURN UP YOUR VOLUME!
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Our Vehicle
Jack was trained to a very high ‘advanced’ standard to drive while in the service.
We use a new Ford Kuga that will comfortably seat 3 guests and their equipment, the vehicle is maintained to a very high standard, it has dual zone air conditioning for your comfort and heated front seats! The vehicle is fitted with a ‘cold climate pack’ heated windscreen etc.  Although we do not intend to go ‘off road’ and ‘bounce’ you and your camera equipment about while on the course, the vehicle is fitted with ‘all terrain’ tyres that give enhanced traction. We carry a BSI compliant (BS-8599-1) first aid kit on board & a fire extinguisher.

Standard courses -
Exclusive one to one

During the Standard Landscape Photography Course, we often take three customers out on each course.This is a comfortable number and has proven to be a sensible limit that allows plenty of one to one tuition from Jack & Jamie in a relaxed and intimate learning environment.
However, if you would like the course to yourself (guaranteed) then for a nominal additional fee you will have Jack & Jamie all to yourself for the day. We will not book any other customers on the date of your course. The Price for this ‘single person’ Exclusive Standard Course is £219.00

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