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'A Truly Wild Experience'
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PLEASE NOTE - this is not an unaccompanied hide for hire; it is a course for people wishing to improve their photography as with all our courses. We are aware of several companies in the UK offering
unaccompanied Kingfisher hide hire if that is what you are looking for.

We are very excited to announce that we are now taking bookings for our latest wildlife course, photographing Kingfishers!
Join us to photograph Kingfishers arguably one of the most stunning birds found in the UK. They are certainly one of Jacks favourites. Very often only seen as an iridescent blue flash and shrill, call as they whizz past. You will have the opportunity, with a little patience to photograph them in their natural environment, assisted by Jack who will help you with your camera settings and technique. The hide will be available for use in spring 2018, Jack finds that the best time of year is spring to early summer; so, the courses will only run during April, May, June. We will also consider July if required.
  •     The price for this special is £159.00 pp (£219.00 Exc 1to1)
  •     Including lunch, refreshments & cakes
  •     Maximum two spaces available per course
  •     April, May & June only
  •     Location - Somerset
  •     Jack has over 25 years experience photographing Kingfishers
  •     Course Duration - 8/9 Hours (Includes travel time to hide approximately 30mins)
Discount available for 2 persons 10% off.
The course is a full day, we will ‘meet & greet’ at 6.45 am at Exmoor Photography  and will return at approximately 4.00 pm. The meet & greet is at Exmoor Photography, Hillbrook, Marshfield Rd, Minehead, TA246AJ (and return).
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Kingfisher Hide Special - Obviously, these are wild birds, but Jack has successfully photographed Kingfishers and sometimes Water voles at this location for several years now. However, as with all wildlife there is no guarantee, if the birds are a no show on the day of your course we will refund £50.00. Alternatively, we will offer you another day FOC (may not be same season), subject to a nominal charge towards the site fee we pay and your lunch (£40.00).  If we have to cancel the course ourselves (other than weather forecast, see T&C’s) we will refund you the full amount with no handling fees or charges. We also have a secondary location if ever required.

There is room for two customers to sit comfortably on each course and Jack will be in the hide with you at all times offering tips and advice throughout.

PLEASE NOTE that this 'special' is aimed at the more competent photographer, with a working knowledge of the following camera settings, Apertures, ISO's, Focus Modes, Shutter Speeds & Bracketing/Exposure Compensation etc. If you are not familiar with these settings, Jack advises customers who are considering the 'Kingfisher Hide Special' may wish to consider completing the 'standard course' first.

Jack has created a laminated course handout that you will be given at the 'meet & greet' at the beginning of your day. This is yours to keep and provide a useful reference for you to use, next time you take your camera out on your own! 

There is also always a supply wife Alison’s legendary flapjack & homemade cakes!
They are designed to educate, be fun, relaxed, and hopefully enjoyable!

Jack advises having a camera lens that is at least the equivalent of a 400mm lens minimum for Kingfisher Photography and a frame rate of at least 7fps is preferable (please do not include your cameras crop factor, if not full frame). So for example, an SLR with a 400mm or zoom from 150mm – 500 or 600mm would be ideal. If you are not sure, please ask Jack for advice. We also have cameras that you can hire on your course day, starting at £29.00 (no deposit required), so you can try before you buy. We also have a selection of Nikon N series & Canon L series lenses that you can hire on your course day, starting at £35.00 (no deposit required). We can supply tripods FOC for you to use in the hide, one has a Wimberly head, the other a Manfrotto 393 head. It would be very useful if your lens has a tripod mounting collar.

It is also essential that course participants understand that Kingfishers are protected wild birds, therefore the emphasis will always be about as little or no disturbance of them as possible. Please note that we do not photograph the birds anywhere near the nesting sites and you will not be shown their location.

Sorry, but we do not take other professional photographers on this course.

You can also view Jacks Kingfisher images on Exmoor Photography sister site - click on images above and opposite.
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  •     EXPOSURE
  •     BRACKETING (exposure compensation & auto exposure compensation AEB)
  •     PICTURE STYLE MANAGEMENT / SCENE MODES (when applicable)
  •     WILDLIFE (when applicable)
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Our Vehicle
Jack was trained to a very high ‘advanced’ standard to drive while in the service.
We use a new Ford Kuga that will comfortably seat 3 guests and their equipment, the vehicle is maintained to a very high standard, it has dual zone air conditioning for your comfort and heated front seats! The vehicle is fitted with a ‘cold climate pack’ heated windscreen etc.  Although we do not intend to go ‘off road’ and ‘bounce’ you and your camera equipment about while on the course, the vehicle is fitted with ‘all terrain’ tyres that give enhanced traction. We carry a BSI compliant (BS-8599-1) first aid kit on board & a fire extinguisher.

Standard courses -
Exclusive one to one

During the Standard Landscape Photography Course, we often take three customers out on each course.This is a comfortable number and has proven to be a sensible limit that allows plenty of one to one tuition from Jack & Jamie in a relaxed and intimate learning environment.
However, if you would like the course to yourself (guaranteed) then for a nominal additional fee you will have Jack & Jamie all to yourself for the day. We will not book any other customers on the date of your course. The Price for this ‘single person’ Exclusive Standard Course is £219.00

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